Art Immersion

Balinese dancers from the Citakara Sari Estate cultural immersion program

Balinese artist from the Citakara Sari Estate cultural immersion program

Citakara Sari welcomes people interested in learning about Balinese arts and culture from some of the best artists on the island.

With advanced notice, we can offer guests a Balinese cultural immersion program. The program is carefully designed to introduce our guests to Balinese arts by visiting private studios, art shops, exhibitions, and museums, or participating in workshops, performances, and concerts. Training sessions in Balinese dance, music, and singing are conveniently taught by artists-in-residence at the estate. Many of the artists involved in our program have world-class reputations and have traveled internationally giving performances, lectures, and seminars. Our guests will be able to meet people who are passionate about arts. Citakara Sari, is located in East Bali in Mendira village close to Candi Dasa. East Bali is known as the real Bali where rice terraces spill down hillsides under swaying palms, and traditional villages remain intact. The culture of the region carries on as it has for centuries with little adaptation. Guests are likely to see ceremonies and temple festivities and enjoy a welcome alternative to the touristy hustle and bustle of South Bali and Ubud.
Balinese dance from the Citakara Sari Estate cultural immersion program
Below is a sample of one week-long program. Each program is individually designed based on the interests of the participants. We will be glad to create and price a very special program for your group.

Please, contact us to indicate your interest.

Art Immersion Program (Sample)

1. Meet the Artist
Two one-day trips. Guests visit the homes or studios of a traditional Balinese mask maker/musical instrument maker/dancer/ painter/contemporary artist. Guests will have an opportunity to work with the artists in an introductory lesson during the visit. These sessions will be taught by some of Bali’s most well known artists. Later in the day the participants will attend an evening concert/performance at a temple and/or civic venue based on availability.

2. Art Crawl
A full one-day event to visit the best Balinese museums and galleries. By the end of the day guests will have a strong foundation in the rich tradition of Balinese visual arts. Following the crawl guests will visit prominent art shops and the home/studios of contemporary artists. During the crawl there will be opportunities to buy art as well.
Balinese dancer from the Citakara Sari Estate cultural immersion program
3. Dance/Music Lessons
Three ninety-minute lessons held at the Citakara Sari compound. During these sessions our artists-in-residence will provide guests an opportunity to learn introductory dances and/or play gamelan (traditional Balinese musical instruments. The conclusion of the training will culminate in a gala performance at the compound in which 20-40 professional musicians and dancers will present one of many Balinese classic stories. Guests will be dressed as members of the Balinese dance/drama performance.

4. Informal Meetings
During the Meet the Artist or Art Crawl our guide will be sensitive to the interests and needs of the group. Chance encounters will be embraced to enhance your experience and understanding as the group travels through traditional Balinese villages. You may meet artists, see private art collections, or engage in encounters with locals who can talk about the importance of art in their lives and connections in between art and religion in Bali.

Balinese sculpture from the Citakara Sari Estate cultural immersion program Balinese flower art from the Citakara Sari Estate cultural immersion program Balinese art from the Citakara Sari Estate cultural immersion program


If tranquility in a stunningly beautiful setting is the goal, it would be difficult to find anything nicer than this beautiful property.

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