Bali vacation destination near the Citakara Sari

To make a list of Balinese scenic destinations is an impossible task; nearly everywhere on this enchanting isle fits the bill. A stiff order, but we’ll attempt to provide you with some highlights.

Bali temple vacation destination near the Citakara Sari


The temples of Bali are magical places to visit and experience. Balinese temples host a unique combination of Hinduism and local animism. East Bali has the pick of the litter. Firstly, there is the Mother Temple of Besakih, considered the center of Balinese religious life. The nearby area is also home to several palaces, beautiful and rich in history. The remains of Klungkung Palace (now a museum) is the home of the last stand of the Balinese royalty against the Dutch in 1908. The water palaces of Ujung and Tirta Gangga are incredible destinations – walk on suspended stones over pristine pools of water and among grand fountains, and even, at Tirta Gangga, take a swim in holy water pools open to the public.

The city of Ubud is considered by many to be the center of Balinese arts and culture, home to many museums and galleries. There are a dazzling array of restaurants in Ubud, from local Balinese fare to Western and Western-Balinese fusion. Finally, the central market of Ubud is a fun place to browse, and if you’re willing to haggle, there are some great deals to be had.

Snorkeling in Bali at the Citakara Sari

Snorkeling and Diving

Fantastic snorkeling is right outside our front door: dive into the ocean and watch diverse schools of fish swimming among the coral, which is inaccessible to sharks and safe for children. We are lucky to be in the “diving triangle of Bali.” In addition to casual snorkeling off our beach, there is great diving to be found at a myriad of nearby locations no more than twenty minutes away by boat or car.


Shopping in and around Candi Dasa is a laid-back experience with guaranteed rewards. Lose yourself browsing the beautiful crafts for sale in the nearby area.  We recommend a trip to the nearby village of Tenganan, where the ancient Bali Aga people are renowned for their fine weaving skills. If you’re looking for a little more entertainment, hit the sprawling and diverse market in Ubud and haggle to your heart’s delight with the shopkeepers. Looking for quality art pieces? Browse through museums and big galleries or visit artists’ studios.
Private beach at the Citakara Sari Estate


45-meter beachfront. The upper beach is man made, totally private, great for games, sunbathing, white sand. The lower beach, a pristine, natural, white-sand beach protected by Nusa Penida island, extensive coral reefs, and man-made breakers, is accessible through the boat gate.Relax and sunbathe by the pool or jump into the ocean. In addition, you can hire a boat or have our driver take you to nearby Pasir Putih (White Beach), with white sand as far as the eye can see.


For hiking enthusiasts, Bali is an engrossing destination. The slopes of Mt. Batur are nearby and provide a challenging and rewarding day hike. The Candi Dasa area also boasts thrilling white-water rafting; fishing, either traditional-style just off of the beach, or with a hired boat and captain; biking along picturesque vistas. Or drop in on a local sporting event at our Mendira beach community field!



Rice paddies vacation destination near the Citakara Sari Estate Bali vacation destination near the Citakara Sari Estate Sailing vacation destination near the Citakara Sari Estate

This was a once in a life time stay, and we would definitely recommend as a destination for families or friends getting together.

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